Titili meaning Butterfly as the name suggests is one that keeps flying from flowers to flowers, from places to places with all its enchanting beauty symbolizing happiness and prosperity. The organization with this name symbolizes dynamic aspects of life committed to uplifting the spirits of human possibility especially women and children. The welfare and development of women and children is the soul motive of the organization.


To provide a child and women friendly activity and learning centre where their inner abilities and potential are tapped and nurtured through professional training and guidance. It is through different recreational activities, services and platforms that act as mediums, which replenish the hidden caliber and talents of children, unfulfilled dreams and incomplete creative journey of women.


As an enabler nurture the health, lifestyle, talents and creativity of women and children for a happy, stress free and fulfilling life. Ultimately provide the wings to explore the world of possibilities.

Core Values

  • Uncompromised services
  • Professional Experts’ guidance
  • Ensured Equality and Inclusiveness in its approach and services
  • Women and Child friendly environment
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Mrs. Arpita Nanda

Founder of Titili

Titili organisation is made for womens and childrens. Its an activity center where womens can take part in many encouraging activities , events and other programs. Childrens will learn new skills like dancing, karate and many more. For decades womens are bounded within their houses. Its time for them to fly and explore their passion. Come join us and lets make our society a beautiful place to live and enjoy.


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