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Titili is where you can find balance, harmony and energy renewal amidst the hectic bustle of everyday pressures and deadlines. Relax & enjoy a personalized day acitivities like yoga, Art & craft dance class.


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You can visit us to Titili Academy at Vivekananda Marg near Hanuman Temple in Old Town or submit any inquiry online.

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Titili Magazine Quarterly Odia Women Magazine

Mass media is an inevitable part of our lives, which not only entertains but also informs, educates and gives us a platform to express ourselves in the most creative way.

Using one of such platform of print media – Magazine ( Quarterly ) exclusively for women is one such novel initiative , where Titili encourages every women as a change maker to participate and contribute to the magazine to reach out to the mass for a positive change that would trigger a wave of revolution for women in the society.


The foundation is dedicated to the welfare of women and children and committed to their overall development and wellbeing. All the services are designed keeping this in mind. Besides Titili is engaged in lots of social service activities, whether educating women and children about healthy lifestyle, information about right parenting and child care or guiding and grooming women’s and child’s talent and career counseling or motivating women for their personal and professional growth and happiness.


“The question isn’t ‘Who is going to let me?’ it’s ‘Who is going to stop me?’” Ayn Rand . Women need to travel more which she usually sacrifices or keeps it at the last in her to do list. Titili’s endeavor is to encourage and facilitate women to travel more whether with families, friends or alone. With each travelling comes a new experience which brings out the best in us. This service well justifies the organization which gives wings to explore. Besides every time a trip or vacation is planned there is a long list concerning the women and children, which need to be taken care of. For a hasselfree travel, specially customized national and international travel packages are offered which takes care of women and children travelling concerns. Moreover not only family but individuals and groups can render the services for a stress frees and peaceful travel.


Why Choose Us?

The organization with this name Tititli(Butterfly) symbolizes dynamic aspects of life committed to uplifting the spirits of human possibility especially women and children. Encouraging the woman to adapat the out side world rather than just being a House wife and explore the world with possibilities of finding new aspects of life.
We perform all kinds of activities like Dancing class, yoga class,Karate class and Art & craft class and ladieds Dancce/YOga Class also we do some outing acitivities iike Camping,Tracking,Rock Climbing, Adventurous Touring new places etc...
The only way out is in. For a holistic development, happy, peaceful and successful life the most important element is inner wellbeing.Keeping this in mind Titili started its Yoga and Meditation classes where expert Yoga Gurus and International Faculty of the Art of Living conduct yoga and meditation classes.