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You can visit us to Titili Academy at Vivekananda Marg near Hanuman Temple in Old Town or submit any inquiry online.

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Recreational Activity Center

Titili provides different kinds of recreational professional training for dance, art and craft by experts. Mom’s dance group has been encouraging women including mothers who had taken breaks and sacrificed their wishes for the families to restart their life afresh and fulfill their unfulfilled dreams

Similarly different crafts and art classes are held for women and children in separate batches .Not only training but Titili arranges and facilitates different platforms at local and national level to showcase their talents.


Frequently Asked Questions

No this is not a fitness center, we do provide yoga classes to Woman and children our motive is welfare development of woman and children.
We provide all our members as with the same level of prospority. if you would like to enjoy the time after a busy day and have some adventurous trip with group off people, please come and join us.
We plan out and deliver many kinds of personal angd group activities like dance,yoga,Art & craft,Kasrate class for kids. Also makes trips to explore the world of possibilities with the woman and children.

Dance Class

Dance classes can teach a child self-confidence, self-discipline, poise, and grace. Most importantly, dance classes are fun! Let your children experience other thing than education.


Musical Instrument/Art & craft Class

Practising and perfecting a piece of music does wonders for the creative side of your brain.No matter how much a composer annotates their composition, they cannot fully express how a piece of music should be played.


Yoga and Meditation

The only way out is in. For a holistic development, happy, peaceful and successful life the most important element is inner wellbeing.Keeping this in mind Titili started its Yoga and Meditation classes where expert Yoga Gurus and International Faculty of the Art of Living conduct yoga and meditation classes.


MOM'S Dance Class

MOM's dance Class is a physical entertainment activity for all the mothers out there who wants to lift there spirit up after a hard working day & spending some fun time with thier friends and childrens.


Karate Class

Karate class good activity for growing kids heelping the them to learn decipline & environment adaptbility.Karate teaches self-confidence and respect, not only for yourself but for others, including an opponent.


Child and Women activity center

Our group includes specially trained activists for Child and women activity centers because of promoting the child and women who need education and awareness in their life. It helps to promote their talents.

Women activity center

Women are the most valuable part of God's creation. They can learn many activities from the best Women activity center which is Titili. Go and enjoy it.

Giving wings to green ideas

For women and child development Titili is giving wings to green ideas It helps to improve the creative knowledge of their activity class.

Activities to do with kids

The activity is important for kids to extend their minds. In the activity class, they can learn some extracurricular activities like dance, paint, yoga, etc.